June 16, 2024

With all the innovative trends happening in gaming and artificial intelligence, it stands to reason that there are plenty of great games out there, that are benefiting from these newer technologies. While virtual reality games are growing in popularity, not everyone likes the limited viewing ability to see what’s going on in the real world around them.

This is where Augmented Reality (AR) games truly shine.

AR games are an ever-growing niche, and there are plenty of great choices available to play. The ability of these games to provide an immersive experience, while still blending the real world around you, allows users to fully engage in a gaming experience in a virtual world, while still being able to talk and interact with the real world around them at the same time. If you’ve never tried this style of gaming before, these are the top AR games to consider trying.

  1. Pokémon GO

No list would be complete without mentioning the hit game Pokémon GO. This early augmented reality adopter took the world by storm, and despite it dating back to 2016, it is still one of the all-time most popular AR games to date. It was created by Niantic, and for those who don’t know the game at all, the main game aim is that it allows players to explore the real world around them, while capturing virtual Pokémon creatures on their screens.

Combining both GPS and AR technology, to place Pokémon in real-world locations, the game encourages players to venture out and examine their surroundings in order to find and catch the adorable in-game creations. Alongside the ability to capture cute digital creatures, Pokémon GO also features additional niche areas such as battles, and raids, and even includes global events, which has led to a large, and vibrant community of players worldwide.

  1. Magic Streets: The GPS realm

With everything you’d expect from a magical RPG game and more, Magic Streets: The GPS Realm is an ideal fit for anyone who enjoys the attraction of fantasy gaming, with the bonus of being able to meet walking fitness goals. But only if you want. Microtransactions in-game help speed things along if you wish, but they aren’t a requirement to enjoy playing.

One of the main draws of the game is that everything in-game is available for free, from a customizable avatar, and settlement building, to defeating monsters in AR mode and traveling to guild members. Players love that they have the chance to engage in crafting, trading, daily quests, arena battles, live events, and clearing dungeons, and overall, the game is quite charming.

  1. Zombies, Run

A top fitness app beloved around the world, Zombies, Run! remains a great choice for those who seek fitness alongside gaming fun. The game has players chase Zombies through the real world, while they can track their calories, timing, and overall fitness score. In short, the game is a future-apocalyptic-styled overlaid world that offers a 5K immersive experience where players must run away from the terrifying zombie hordes.

The game plays out much like standard flag football would: your avatar is given a flag belt to represent your overall health, if a zombie gets close enough to take the flags from you, and you lose all of them, then you receive an ‘infected’ award once your race is done. However, if you finish with even a single flag left, then you get a ‘survivor’ medal instead. The game can be played with others, and you can race as a team. If one player has a flag at the end of the race, then everyone gets the survivor medal.

A top reason the game remains so popular is the fact that you don’t have to be out and about to join in. You can take part regardless of whether you’re on a treadmill, a home gym, or an exercise bike. This allows people of all fitness levels to participate at a pace that works for them.

  1. Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive lets players bring dinosaurs to life in the real world through augmented reality – and if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to raise a dinosaur, now is your chance. The game was developed by Ludia Inc. and within it, players cannot only collect dinosaurs but can also breed and use them to battle each other via GPS technologies.

To gather new dinosaur’s DNA to create hybrid creatures, you are required to go out into the world and get their DNA samples. You can explore your surroundings and discover hidden gems, collect rare creatures, and gather a full roster of prehistoric predators to call your own. Take to the player vs player (PvP) arenas to challenge other players and participate in the daily rewards and events.

Another key feature of the game that seems to draw its inspiration from the bonuses offered at sites like Treasure Mile casino is that Supply Drops are hidden around in your real-world neighborhood. So, set out to explore and discover them. All-in-all, this game offers great AR integration and remains a firm favorite for fans of the franchise. 

  1. Ingress Prime

Another worthy AR technology game to consider is Ingress Prime. This game was also developed by Niantic and revolves around a worldwide struggle between two different factions – each of which seeks to take control of exotic matter. Players of the game will need to pick one of the two factions to play. These factions are the Enlightened or the Resistance. Once part of a team, they’ll need to work together with other players to capture and control portals, which are real-world landmarks and points of interest. The game combines elements of strategy, exploration, and social interaction as players collaborate to expand their faction’s influence and uncover the mysteries behind the exotic matter.

Each of these AR games shows how technology can be incorporated into the world of gaming and fitness to encourage players to not only have fun but to engage in an interactive experience that will leave them feeling exhilarated and happy. By blurring the worlds of real and virtual, the ability of game creators to immerse players in new and exciting experiences is limited only by their imaginations.

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